Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Don't Want

Cynthia's poem to end. I've felt this way about novels before, but never about a poem.


Jeannine has outstanding news!! Whoohooo!


Stuart has beautiful news!!

& even more good news can be found at



gina said...

The effect of the layout is strange. I have to remind myself that I'm reading backwards, scrolling down to read up, and the poem is itself circular, so I find myself thinking: haven't I been here before? But yeah, the ride is well worth it.

Suzanne said...

I wonder if they'll archive it from beginning to end? I love the way the poem circles itself--it reminds of a garland of sonnets kwim?--I really look forward to each installment.

Jeannine said...

Thanks Suzanne :)

Suzanne said...

Ryan! You're back. :-)

De nada, Jeannine. I'm thrilled for you. xo

Suzanne said...

Hmmm, if you left anything out Cynthia, I haven't experienced it yet--it's a very powerful poem and I agree with Lorna, it's an important poem. I thank you for it--xxoo--and hey, how's the packing going? How are you?

Suzanne said...

Yes! You made it. I'm so happy for you. I can not wait to see pictures. The wee one is staying put for at least 10 more days--there's way too much left to do--and I like her right were she is: warm, safe, fed. :-)