Sunday, March 20, 2005

Some Excellent

conversations taking place at A. D.'s and C.D.Y.'s . * Peter is so inspiring, check out his Plaindrome post. * And Reli(e)able Signs has an absolutely gorgeous post this morning.


gina said...

Oh wow! Thank you!


gina said...

P.S. I miss being able to read your previous posts on your homepage. I liked rereading. As C. Dale said, I freaked out until I saw the archives.


Peter said...

Oh Suzanne, I am always glad when I can inspire a woman who is preggers! LOL
My sister is 6 weeks and vomiting; but never been happier.

Suzanne said...

G, you sweet talker, thanks. You have to email me and let me know how I can get a signed copy of your book. I love the way you write. :-)

Congrats to your sister! I will take being 'dumb' over morning sickness any day, the poor thing. And I'm definitely going to dig up some old stuff and try to Palindrome it.

PS your book is on my wish list, too. This blogging stuff is going to make me flat broke. *lol*