Friday, March 04, 2005

Ten Poems

I'll play, but I'm going to list ten that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere:

The Fish, by Elizabeth Bishop

Having it Out with Melancholy, by Jane Kenyon

Poppies, by Mary Oliver

A Color of the Sky, by Tony Hoagland

This is Just to Say, by William Carlos Williams

The Tyger, by William Blake

Salutation, by Ezra Pound

861, by Emily Dickinson

XIV Every Day You Play..., by Pablo Neruda

In the Desert, by Stephen Crane



A. D. said...

Oooh. I almost put that Neruda poem on my list but opted for another.


Suzanne said...

I love the one you posted too, it's heartbreaking.

Peter said...

This is just to say "This is Just to Say" is a long-time fave. Nice list.

Tara & Patrick said...

nice indeed. but what were the rules again? Poems to sort of "introduce" ourselves, right? That seems hard. I wonder if I'd even have to include some poems I don't like to do that.



Unknown said...

More, oooh, I almost...

Williams of course. I had to drop it at the last cut.

Bishop's Fish I have seen on alist or two. It is a good choice.

Suzanne said...


Jeannine said...

In the Desert...I'd forgotten about this poem - also one of my favorites. My mom, believe it or not, used to read it to me when I was a kid. Explains why I'm so weird today. Seriously though, almost half of your poems could have been in my top hard to squeeze everything into ten poems...Take care, Jeannine

Suzanne said...

Oh my, that's some poem to read to a child! J, our birthdays are next month--we should make those microwave s'mores and celebrate together.