Saturday, April 02, 2005


In light of all the blogging about process and it being National Poetry Month--I took up the poem a day challenge. I started with a garland of sonnets with an aa bb cbcb cc rhyme scheme. Just kidding, but I've always wanted to write a garland of sonnets so maybe I'll give it a try. No, instead I wrote my mandatory crappy poem yesterday and will continue to write them without looking back until the end of the month. Who knows? Maybe I'll get a good line or two out of the whole month.

We're in for torrential rain today. My garden is very happy. I spent yesterday afternoon cutting back and cleaning up the winter debris. This year I've promised not to move anything--from here to there, from there to here--I'll just mulch and weed and enjoy the blooms. In addition to the daffodils and crocus I glimpsed new growth and shoots of: yarrow, yellow and purple iris, dianthus, catmint, scillia, daylilies, red tulips, yellow tulips and hyacinth. Have I mentioned that this is my favorite time of year?

[note to self: Garland of sonnets:love poems. Hmmm.]


Peter said...

Hi Suzanne: Jenny Factor has a nice garland of sonnets in her book "Unraveling by the Name." I figured, once she had done it, I didn't have to. (grin)

A. D. said...

Yes! I wrote the crappiest poem of my life last night. It actually became an exercise in willful crappiness by the end.

In Buffalo, rather than rain, there is an ice/snow accumulation that fittingly started during last night's crapfest.

paula said...

Sunny and warmish here; undecided whether to write a crappy poem or to go for a walk along the river.