Saturday, May 21, 2005

Corner Office

* Not! More like corner with a desk. Posted by Hello

G's beautiful study inspired me to straighten up my little corner (really just a little corner of my little corner). This is where something might happen now that the semester is finally over (Yay!). The window overlooks the balcony porch where we get views of the horizon and watch the sun set. I'm feeling much better about my corner knowing that as soon as we finish upstairs I will once again have a room of my own. (My old room was made into the nursery.)


Anonymous Poet said...


Alison Pelegrin said...

Hey Suzanne--

When are you expecting to need the nursery? (I LOVE shopping for babies--esp. girls--I have 2 boys!)

Also, thanks for your message--we're all home and well, thanks.


Suzanne said...

The nursery will be occupied...hmmm, I think sometime around the end of August if I go by past experience. Glad to hear you're all doing well, Alison!

gina said...

If not a room of one's own, at least a room with a view. I love this photograph. But now I want to see the nursery!

Suzanne said...

*lol* G, keep it up and my whole house will be clean before I know it. My poor husband will wonder what he did wrong since the only time this place is spotless is when I'm really pissed off. *lol* I'll wait and post a picture of the new nursery when it's finished (it has a stained glass window!) My room, turned J's nursery, will turn into The Room Where ALL the Toys Go by September (fingers crossed). I swear those toys are like bunnies--reproducing whenever I turn my back.

gina said...

Yeah, but toys are great things to have around. Kinda like stained glass. And flowers. Delicate flowers!