Friday, May 13, 2005

A Little Taste

I really scored with the two chapbooks that arrived in this week's mail--Whatever the Story Requires, by Steve Mueske and Eureka Slough, by Joseph Massey. I highly recommend both.

"a small blue god"

Today he's playing a toy piano
atop the dump. It's Tuesday and he's safe

because the washer women are out
degreasing the clouds. Valderee, he sings,

valderah, his tiny voice nearly
buried beneath the savengers' crees.

He might be the smallest of all gods, the least
likely to bring change. Yet every day

he sings to the sky because it looks
so much like him, big and full of hope.

---from Whatever the Story Requires


Eureka Slough is the first Effing Press chapbook I've seen and everything you hear is true. Scott Pierce designs beautiful books. Really gorgeous. Although I have to say that Massey's book could have come handwritten on a paper bag and I still would have loved it.


The hills

with clouds

with the


--from Eureka Slough


steve mueske said...

Thanks, Suzanne!

Steve (blushing)

Suzanne said...

*~smile, I love making a grown man blush. ;-)