Thursday, June 02, 2005


Aries Horoscope for week of June 2, 2005

Maybe all you really need right now is a grilled cheese sandwich. It's quite possible that if you savor a well-made version of that earthy delicacy, the things that are off-kilter in your life will get smooth and fresh again. I'm not kidding, Aries. The adjustment that will help you get back on track is likely to be minor--if not a grilled cheese sandwich, then maybe a haircut or a new bedspread or a five-minute conversation that corrects a misimpression. That reminds me of another secret I want to tell you: Small actions can have big impacts.


loveandsalt said...

Suzanne--WHERE on earth did you find that? What a lively and quirky horoscope!

Bugs Bunny, " I think monsters are the most INTERESTING people." Don't you just hear his voice?

Thanks for the wake up posts. It's like a cup of coffee to read these. Now, I think I want a cup of coffee...

Suzanne said...

These are from Free Will Astrology-

I've been hooked on his column for years--he's syndicated and appears in one of the alternative newspapers that I used to write for--enjoy your morning!

PS I'm following your negotiations and sending postive vibes your way,
the Bugs quote is from one of my all-time-favorite Looney Tunes.


LKD said...

Free Will's is the only horoscope I read. And believe. You can't beat a horoscope that makes you laugh out loud, spit out your morning coffee, stop and actually think, and even teach you a few things in the process. I've been hooked on him for years too--via a free press paper out of Cleveland--and was glad, glad, glad when I found him online.

Oh, and Franco's book has been pushed to the top of the list per your recommendation, ma'am. (grin)

Suzanne said...

You'll love it, Laurel. I'm madly in love with Gina, head over heels. :-)

gina said...

It's mutual love, Suzanne. Thanks again. And do you want to be my agent?

Suzanne said...

*lol* G, I would love the official title of Gina's Agent. xo