Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pomp & Circumstance

Not only did my firstborn graduate from middle school last night--he also won the Drama Club's Actor Award, and he let me get this close to him in public! Yayyyyyyy!!! Plus, he let me hide my lack of waist which I thought was very nice. Posted by Hello


Stuart Greenhouse said...

O god, I can't imagine! Jonah graduates on Tuesday, and he is very excited to tell us about the chicken soup party his teacher is going to have that we get to come to.

Chicken soup because each month of the year, they learn a different verse from Sendak's "Chicken Soup with Rice" song off of the "Really Rosie" album.

Charles said...

And he's adorable! Just like his mother.

Jeannine said...

Did anyone ever tell you that you look more like his sister than his mom? Oh my God! Fountain of youth, tell me your secrets :)
And congrats!

Stuart Greenhouse said...

Oh, that's you? I thought it was a friend of his, that you were the photographer (and that the 'let me get this close' was that much more ironic). Now the belly comment makes sense.

LKD said...

Let me get this straight----that's YOU??? My god, Suzanne, you look like his sister, not his mom. Seriously. Would it be completely improper of me to ask your age? Because, honey, you don't look a day over 18 years old.

Damn, people tell me I look young for my age, but you've got me beat.

Meanwhile, what a sweet photo.

C. Dale said...

Wow! You look really really young! I assumed, seeing the photo it was one of his friends.

Suzanne said...


[digs toe in sand]

*lol* Ya'll are too much! Thanks.

I can't believe it myself, cliche or not it goes so fast! That's so cute about Jonah's graduation soup party--take lot's o' pictures.

I turned 35 in April, eeek! ;-)

LKD said...

Shut UP!!!! 35??? For real??

Damn, Suzanne. That's all I can say. Damn.

You look like a kid. Honestly, you do.

And you look so happy. Reminds me of that photo of Kay Day. Nothing makes me smile quite as much as photos of people who look really, genuinely happy.

35. Good god. (grin)

Chaty said...

Oh forget the young stuff, man! I say you look dangerously pretty, Suz! :-)

Ah, how do I say…respectfully…and, yes, nice picture!


Suzanne said...

You've made me giggle like a school girl! Thank you so much----(big smile)-----xoxoxoxo

Peter said...

Great pic! Congrats.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Peter! :-)