Friday, July 22, 2005


Check it out: Mot Juste 2 is open for business. A great issue with several familiar names including yours truly. Thanks, Paul and Cynthia.


Simmons B. Buntin said...

Really enjoyed your poem, Suzanne! I can see some definite similarities in our work, though I need to read more of your poetry to be sure! Are there some other locations online featuring your work that I can investigate further?

Patty said...

I really loved "Winter," I especially love how you got so much from "tributary." You evoke the idea of paying tribute, or being contributory, and also the literal and visual stream flowing into a larger body of water.

The last stanza is arresting. So much is conveyed in the act of loading the dishwasher.

Suzanne said...

Thanks you two! :-)

(Simmons, not much new work is online at the moment, but there are few poems from Red Paper Flower, linked on my webpage.)

Stuart Greenhouse said...

Congrats, lovely poem!

The person we bought our house from bequeathed on us an immaculate bulb garden around the house, which we've let go terribly. I think by next year we may be able to start cleaning it up a little.

Have you seen the new book about Stanley Kunitz and his garden? Some of the interviews are really touching.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Stuart! :-)

I love bulbs. They're so reliable. We lucked out too and inherited many crocus, daffodils and daylilies--these had been neglected for decades and with a little TLC are still blooming.

You know I've been meaning to pick Kunitz's book up forever, I've read a few of the poems here and there and you nailed it, they are touching.

Paula said...

Congratulation, Suzanne. Very good poem in a rich issue. Thanks for the link.

Suzanne said...

Hey, You! Thanks, and btw I've been mooning over your Venice pics all week. :-)