Friday, August 12, 2005


I woke up and realized that um, I'm having a baby. So I had my husband bring down the cradle, washed the bedding and all her teeny tiny clothes. Then I realized that we hadn't even gotten around to painting the sweet little dresser that was left in the attic by someone who lived here in the past hundred years, and that really, the most important thing was that the refrigerator needed to be cleaned. It needed to gleam, to sparkle, because after all you only get one chance to make a good first impression and you know, the baby might look in there--plus football conditioning camp starts on Monday, followed the next week by football practice/season, and there is a new uniform to buy for a certain freshman, not to mention school supplies, and a two-year-old I know is signed up for a sibling class--hmmm did I mention the four man crew coming on Saturday that plans on putting up drywall, replacing windows, laying floors, setting tiles, and priming walls over the next three weeks? Hey! I have an idea. Why don't we do everything at once?


jz said...

Hey there -- I've been tripping around blogland this morning. Thought I would just say hey. Hope all is well enough with you.

gina said...

I read your first sentence and thought, oh my god, she's here she's here...! I panicked a little. I thought, wait, I wasn't ready, she's here???--then I skimmed the rest of your post and got very confused: wait, why clean out the

Clearly I need more coffee. I can't keep up with you, mommy.

(Hi Jim)

A. D. said...


I thought the same thing, but it seems Suz subtly put the emphasis on 'baby' and not 'having' . . .

"I'm having a baby."
"I'm having a baby."

Tricksy poet-types.

Hehe. Good luck Suzanne.

jz said...

drywall/baby drywall/baby

the more the merrier i say (whatever that means)

I have a first baby story -- maybe you've heard it. the night my wife went into labor, i came home from the hospital at about 3 am (after the delivery etc.) and found that our samoyed had given birth to six pups that same night. it was pouring down May rain and she had dug a hole in the backyard and delivered there. So i got a box and carried them into the house. For the next few months, we had a very busy household.

i'm rambling.

(hi gina)

early hours of sky said...

Hi Jim, since everyone is saying "hi" on Suzanne's blog.

Everyone who has ever given birth, understands the fridge. For some reason god gives you a super natural need to make the fridge clean. Mine was spotless.

I was this huge, mean lady bleaching out the veggie drawer. I think she is coming early. She sounds early chica bean.

Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

Jim! Hey you! I didn't know you were blogging. What a nice surprise. :-)

Ooops. I'm sorry G, I didn't even think of that, but it *was* funny to read your reaction. ;-)

Thanks A.D. ! I'm going to need it. ;-)

You fabulous gorgeous woman you, thanks for copping to the fridge thing, somehow I feel less crazy, and you darling sweet thing: Thanks for this gorgeous hat!! XO

Unknown said...

hi s,
your post reminds me of my mother who must have shared your sentiments seasonally: six kids. I am the oldest. Add to this fact your mention of a house in ct--I lived in an 1864 house in New London, had a third floor (maids' quarters, etc) with left-behinds of all sorts...i miss the atlantic. and i miss my hurried, harried mother at that time. It was soccer for us not football, but same season.

early hours of sky said...

Gary send your mother flower or vodka right now!!!

And Suzanne you are very, very welcome. It is an amazing, wonderful thing this baby girl. Blessings on her head..her beautiful purple head.

Suzanne said...

Your comment touched *this* mother in a very sweet spot. Thank you for that.

T, this little girl has been a good luck charm and a blessing, yes, right from the start. You're the best! xo

Jeannine said...

Dear S,
If I could knit, I would send you a hat too! Instead, I could buy your new baby the "Barbie as Elektra" doll -surely a better role model for women does not exist? ;) Seriously though, be good, get enough rest, get a pedicure. Hugs from me! I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

Stuart Greenhouse said...


Sounds about right--enjoy the energy!

Suzanne said...

*LOLOL* Jeannine, now that's a Barbie I would allow in the house. ;-) PS I did get a pedicure before we went on vacation and it was a slice of sublime. Thanks!

Suzanne said...

LOL, Stuart!

loveandsalt said...

Sounds like nesting to me! Don't forget the pinto beans. Too bad I'm too old for another baby--my fridge REALLY needs cleaning!
Love, Suzy C
PS-- Pls email me your address (again) so I can (1)put you on several fundamentalist mailing lists, or (2) send you a picture of the new house, or (3) send a baby present, or (4) show up unannounced at midnight or (5) send nude photos of other bloggers, or (6) redirect lost luggage from diverted United Airlines flights, or (7) arrange for your top secret security clearance. Check all that apply.

Unknown said...

Oh, delivery could be closer than close! I went through a similar cleaning spree a couple days before Eliza arrived. It's the finale to the nine months of waiting. :) I didn't believe other women about the "nesting" and the frenzy of bleach--but, as the Monkees might say, "now I'm a believer!"

Suzanne said...

Suzy C! I miss you!! I have checked all of the above and you have mail. XO

It's crazy isn't it? I actually did have some contractions during this last heat wave among all that frenzied nesting--I had a little talk with her and told her she needed to settle down, she needed a little more time for the finishing touches. *lol*

Radish King said...

Okay. I saw this baby last night. And you, too. She wants to come out. I think she's in a hurry. She also told me her real name is Rebecca.

Okay, that's a lie. But I did dream her last night.

Suzanne said...

Little Rebecca is going to have to learn to wait. She can't come until I figure out how to remove all 36 windows, sand, prime, paint the frames and hang them back on by their ropes and weights. Then she can come. I'm seriously obsessed with the window frames today.

PS I loved your dream. Esp. since I looked so damn good in it. Did you know that turtles ward off evil spirits? The boys have stuffed turtles in their rooms--handmade by one of my fabulous friends--and I have a few turtles scattered around the garden. XOXOXO