Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Two Seconds

I have two seconds to myself and wanted to tell you that Spring Tide is here! One of the things I love about the Aldrich series is that they select two winning chapbooks and bind them together--the covers are upside down from each other--so if you buy one poet's collection you're also exposed to another poet you may not have come across.

The chapbook will be available on the museum's website, but anyone interested in a signed copy can email me at sfrischkorn at hotmail dot com. The special $10 price tag for bloggers and blog visitors includes S&H.

Back to my crazy new life.


Radish King said...

I can't wait to see this, can't wait to hold it and read it.

Suzanne said...

XO--thanks, Rebecca,XO

gina said...

It looks beautiful, Suzanne. I'm SO looking forward to its insides.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, G! XOloveyougirl!XO