Saturday, November 19, 2005


I had the worst nightmare yesterday. I fell asleep on the sofa while J and E were napping and had one of those paralyzing dreams were I couldn't move despite tremendous effort. J played the major role in the dream. I was so relieved when T walked in from school and woke me up. I kept rubbing my arms afterwards because they had that tingly feeling. Dream after effects? The gist of the whole thing is that I feel completely overwhelmed. Interestingly, during my waking hours I'm usually worried that Em's not getting enough one on one, but the dream was all about Jack.

Hey, today's Gina's birthday. Happy Birthday,

In honor of G's birthday we're having our big Thanksgiving feast here today, or maybe it's because someone in my extended family figured it would be "easier" for me to host it this year...[insert mad cackle here].

Cheers & Bon Appetit!


gina said...

Thanks, you! But can I slug that extended family member? And can I do dishes at least?

I used to have those paralyzing dreams when my insomnia was at its worst. They're terrifying. But I think it's about exhaustion, so give yourself superwoman credit and ease up on you. In honor of my birthday.


Suzanne said...

Did you have a fabulous birthday?! I hope all your birthday wishes come true. :-)

And of course you're right--it's the insomnia that must have caused the dream. I've been doing the 3am wake up since the time change--why is it always 3am?!--today I made it until 4am so there's hope. xoxo

ps Whoohoo, I survived my family! Drinks on me!! *lol*

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Sounds like you have visitors.