Sunday, November 13, 2005

Mail Call

Probably the best thing about Spring Tide is that I was able to give a copy to my dad. He brought it to work and passed it around to his coworkers. When he told me it made me feel little girlish and happy. Happy in the way only little girls feel happy.

I've been sending out Spring Tide on Saturdays. It's the only time I can get to the post office solo. This morning I received an email saying that it arrived in yesterday's mail. I had sent that particular copy out two weeks ago! WTH? If you ordered Spring Tide, or were promised Spring Tide two-three weeks ago and it hasn't arrived please let me know. I mailed a stack out yesterday, too. So far they seem to arrive in Tuesday's mail. Fingers crossed.


The Blind-Winger Jones said...

Hi Suzanne

This little boy recognises that feeling, that parental approval provokes in me. My parents dont really "get" poetry, it just doesn't feature in their world, but show them one of my published poems and their faces light up. Which makes me feel I must be doing something right.


Anne said...

Hey Suzanne -- Tuesday's mail indeed; mine arrived today! I've dipped into it just a bit and can't wait to sit down and really read it. I opened it to "Mermaid" and if I'd been in a bookstore that right there would have sent me scurrying to the cash register, book in hand. :)