Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Is it Wednesday yet?

Wasn't it right here on this blog that I swore I would not watch season two of Project Runway? Well, it's time to come clean. This girl is hooked. I have a huge crush on Daniel Vosovic--he's completely dreamy--I think Nick is hilarious--and I love, love to marvel at Santino's incredible ego. C'mon, who else is watching? Talk to me.


Simmons B. Buntin said...

Sorry, never heard of it.... But we don't have cable, and---except of course for Auburn or Denver Broncos football games---I don't watch that much TV.

David said...

Suz -
Sorry, also don't know what you're talking about. We've voluntarily placed a gag-cable-order on our T.V.

S.B.B. -
Auburn and Denver? Quite a diverse football menu you order from, there.

-UGA grad./Atlanta Falcons fan

Suzanne said...

Yr killin' me, people, yr killin' me!

Seth Abramson said...

Absolutely hooked.

Watch every single episode.

Agree: Daniel V. is dreamy, and surprisingly mature for being only 24. The way he bucked up the older Nick! I loved it. He's the one I'm rooting for, now that the other Daniel (also nice, but less talented) is out.

Santino has gotten the smackdown from Tim; he's a puppy on the runway, now. He also isn't talented--which the judges should have realized several weeks ago.

They should just fire everyone and let Nick, Daniel V., and Andrae have it out. I suspect things are heading that way anyway, though frankly none of the dresses recently have wowed me.

P.S. My Take: Daniel V. has the most visually appealling and personally talented model; that helps him. She looks decent in just about anything. He could dress her in a paper bag and she'd still outperform half the other models.

Charles said...

It's easily my favorite show! After Veronica Mars, of course. Makes for a joyous Wednesday night. :)

I'm so glad the show continues to be addictive and break new ground rather than rehash the same old stuff from season 1.

Suzanne said...

OMG, thank you both for stopping by...I was starting to feel very couch potato. :-)

I'm with you, Seth, although I would have worn Daniel V's design for Nicky Hilton--even though he didn't win the challenge--I really liked that dress. I must confess I don't notice the models much, but it probably makes a big difference on presentation as was pointed out on the last episode.

Santino is awful! I have a feeling he'll make it to the finals though, because we love to think he's awful. *lol*

I will dub tonight: Joyous Wednesday Night!

Simmons B. Buntin said...

David, it's all about the blue and the orange! Or, well, moving to Denver after graduating from Auburn.

Suzanne, are there some orange-and-blue outfits on Project Runway? If so, I vote for those, for what it's worth (which is very little, I'm sure)....

Suzanne said...

HA HA HA, very funny, Simmons. :-P

There is much orange & blue to be found on ze runway. ;-)

LKD said...

I'm completely, utterly, hopelessly hooked. Have been since the first episode of the first season. I can think of no more compelling television than witnessing designers actually designing right in front of my eyes. It blows me away. (and reminds me of that project in the last year in which four writers lived in "boxes" in some sort of art installment and composed novels while people were watching)
The creativity and vision of some of these designers is incredible. My favorite episode so far, just because I thought the assignment was so damned provocative, was last weeks in which the designers were sent out onto the streets with cameras. I loved Daniel's interpretation of the flower and Andre's revisioning of the water in the gutter was amazing.

Daniel IS dreamy. And the clothing he designs is dreamy too. I know he's gay but I can't help it. I want to pin him to a wall and ravish him. (grin)

Suzanne said...

' I want to pin him to a wall and ravish him. '

Me too! ;-)

Melissa Jones Fiori said...

Love the show, LOVE it. Daniel V. is my favorite, too, though I would have chosen Nick's 'gutter-inspired' evening gown over his scifi ballooning orchid choker thing in a heartbeat as winning design. The show even has the NFL-obsessed mountain man I live with walking around the house saying things like "WHO stole my chiffon??" and "That is really just too fabulous for words." Can't beat that.

Suzanne said...

*LOL* Melissa, my jock husband is totally into Project Runway. I can't believe the last two episodes and who was eliminated. How talented are these designers? I mean really, it's like they tell them here's a piece of grass and a paper clip, go make an evening gown, you've got an hour. Make it work!