Sunday, February 12, 2006


Edward Albee Foundation Residencies

The Foundation maintains the William Flanagan Memorial Creative Persons Center (better known as "The Barn") in Montauk, on Long Island in New York, as a residence for writers, painters, sculptors and composers.The Center is open from June 1st to October 1st, and can accommodate comfortably up to five persons at a time. Residencies are for one month periods of time. The standards for admission are, simply, talent and need.

Located approximately two miles from the center of Montauk and the Atlantic Ocean, "The Barn" rests in a secluded knoll which offers privacy and a peaceful atmosphere. The Foundation expects all those accepted for residence to work seriously and to conduct themselves in such a manner as to aid fellow residents in their endeavors.

Writers and composers are offered a room; visual artists are offered a room and studio space. Residents are responsible for their food, travel, and other expenses. The environment is simple and communal. Residents are expected to do their share in maintaining the condition of "The Barn" as well as its peaceful environment.

The Foundation is pleased to accept applications AFTER JANUARY 1, 2006 for the 2006 Summer Season; applications must be post-marked no later than April 1st, 2006. They must arrive no later than April 15th.

All applications must be sent to the Foundation at:
14 Harrison St.,
New York, NY 10013

via REGULAR MAIL ONLY. Any materials arriving by hand, requiring additional postage, or requiring any form of personalized receipt will not be accepted.


NOTE TO APPLICANTS FROM OUTSIDE THE USA: Please send your application to us BEFORE MARCH 15th. If you wish to have your materials returned, you must enclose sufficient international postal coupons to cover the costs. Be certain to include English translations of all application materials.

To apply:
Applicants should complete the enclosed forms and include:

6-12 slides of their work if they are painters or sculptors
A manuscript if they are playwrights or screenwriters
12 poems if they are poets
1 short story or 2 chapters from a novel if they are fiction writers
3 essays or articles if they are non-fiction writers
A recording of at least 2 original compositions if they are composers.

*(Please note: writers who write in a foreign language should include English translations of their work; composers in residence are requested to conduct their work with headphones.)

ALL APPLICANTS must also include:
An up to date resumé
2 letters of recommendation from professionals familiar with the applicant and their work
A letter of intent outlining the applicant's proposed project while in residence
2 labels bearing the applicant's name only (last name first, please)
A stamped, self-addressed envelope (if you wish to have your materials returned to you.)


Applicants should request a specific month for residency, but should also include one or two alternative choices. (The Foundation is often unable to accommodate first choices.) Please alert us if you are applying to more than one foundation for the same period of time, or if you know you will be unavailable for any particular month.

THE FOUNDATION DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE AGAINST PERSONS WITH AIDS OR ANY OTHER PREEXISTING MEDICAL CONDITION. The Foundation encourages artists from all backgrounds to apply. It does not discriminate against anyone on any basis whatsoever.

Get in and tell me all about it! This would be like a dream come true: a month secluded in a private, peaceful atmosphere. Someday, someday--I'll be able to take off for a month, until then I want to hear all about this fantasy land from those of you who can.

In other news it looks like a landslide vote in the preliminary poll results, stay tuned!

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