Sunday, March 19, 2006

Great Day

First, I went to the market and everything I needed was on sale. Everything. In fact the receipt said: Congratulations you saved $60.00 on your order today. (I might frame it.)

Second, a very dear friend talked me off a very high cliff and made laugh and laugh and laugh.

Third, I made Lorna's list.

Fourth, I found two violet kisses in the bathtub when I went to check on the second coat of paint.


Fifth, I've been honored by Alex Stolis in front of the whole wide world.


LitByFire said...

Please, no high cliffs. Step back. Life changes in a moment! We need you.

Suzanne said...

Oh, don't worry C, you won't be getting rid of me that easily. I'm taping your note to my computer though--to remind me when I need reminding. xoxox

gina said...

The poems, though, way way cool. You've been immortalized!



Suzanne said...

It's definitely way way cool. I can't believe it, really. xo

michi said...

everything on sale? i swear this has never ever happened to me. ever. now if you tell me where that market is, i might just catch the next plane over ...

and i *knew* alex was going to get these poems published, and i am so happy for both of you! :)))


Suzanne said...

Michi, I was stunned. That's never happened to me before either. *lol* And thanks!

michi said...

suzanne, i went to the shop to buy a new backpack yesterday, and the one i wanted was actually half price - and i did not find out until i had to pay, it didn't say anything anywhere. so i bought two for the price of one!

go figure.