Saturday, March 25, 2006


Desk is assembled, alas, it does not fly. All that's left is the new bookcase--I'm guessing much less time in the labor department. Then I can get to the fun stuff--hanging artwork. I realized last night that subconciously I've been trying to re-create the study space I had in our old apartment--same color scheme, very organized, everything within reach. It makes sense, that space led to the most productive creative period I've had up to this point.


Jen Tynes' "The End of Rude Handles," (Red Morning Press).

This book-length poem gave me the wonderful sense of reading something both strange and familiar--I read it in one sitting.

Here's an excerpt--


A bundle of hose left
twisted and loose to remind us,
perwinkle is a color
-dressed grass.
The neighboring children dress

like a faucet, with little things
in their hands and pockets.
We turn on every
light in the house
and leave them burning.

I take a bundle of sticks and redden
their ankles if they misbehave,
I can only love
one person at a time.

And this line from the section, Ways of Contrariness--

There are several different ways of looking out a window.


Today's errand--

Get to the post office, post stuff.


LitByFire said...

It doesn't FLY? Send it back!

(Wouldn't your husband love to hear that, after eight hours.)

michi said...

oh but it MUST have another function except being a, well, a desk, and just, um, sitting there. perhaps it has other magical powers? perhaps the muse lives in one of the drawers? perhaps word verification combinations are put together in one of the compartments, like pbaaidf. it sounds like something a desk would say. m

jen said...

Hi Suzanne -- thanks for your lovely review! It is so exciting to know that people are reading my book!

The press is actually Red Morning Press -- The boys there are very good and deserve the publicity.

Don't know if you've seen it yet, but Ivy reviewed you recently at horse less:


Suzanne said...

Thanks for catching that, Jen. My apologies! And it was my pleasure --I'm really enjoying your book. Thanks for the heads up on 42.