Monday, March 06, 2006


Over at Simply Wait, Patry has some thoughts on reading poetry and some nice words for Spring Tide. Thanks, Patry!


Has anyone with tiny tots gone to see Curious George yet? Jack's 3rd birthday is on Sunday and we're thinking of taking him--it will be his first movie--if the movie is truly terrible, let me know and we'll think of something else to do.


It looks like my study will at last be an organized space. I get to buy a new L shaped desk with file cabinet drawers this month and I may just go crazy and buy other matching pieces for organizing--an over the desk hutch, a matching bookcase--hmm I'll need a nice rug to tie it all together, and of course I'm dreaming of a nice comfy oversized chair, but I'm not sure if that one will be realized. I'm so happy to have my own space again, it's been too long.


Simmons B. Buntin said...

Alrighty, who's gone and taken the light, springlike, green Suzanne and replaced her with this dark, non-flowery one...? (And I mean that only in a surface, bloggish kind of way!)

And my word verification, by the way, is bbums. Go figure.

Suzanne said...

*lol* I was sick of spring green. I needed a change. :-)

LitByFire said...

but black is not Suzanne!

Suzanne said...

don't you think it makes me look slimmer?


Girl, I miss you. I was just about to resort to snail mail to check in on you!

I wish blogger had a purple template, it's pretty slim pickings.

Radish King said...

LOVE the new look. Much easier to read. xor or UP BAG which is my word verification!! HAHAHA.

LitByFire said...

This is much better Suzanne. Blogger needs a more golden yellow for you though. Miss you too. I am off to the desert for a while and will not be online. May start up the blog when I return...I am ambivalent about the time involved. You can get me anytime (except when I'm in Twentynine Palms...) Back in Vermont in a few weeks!

David said...

Agree...this is much cleaner.

Oh, and concerning the movie choice. I suggest you consult this site:

This is a child-centered movie review site, and will give you information on things that matter (like violence quotient, etc.). If the movie won't traumatize him, and it will be fun, who cares if you'll like it? But if you want to find ratings for yourself, I usually check (ratings based upon a compendium of "all" published reviews written.)

Suzanne said...

Thanks for chiming in on the new digs everyone, much appreciated.

C, happy travels! I know what you mean about blogging, but I selfishly hope you do start up again--even if it's only once a month--have fun! xo

Thanks for the links!