Friday, March 17, 2006



Simmons B. Buntin said...


LitByFire said...

I bought that orchid and it did nothing for a year after I brought it home. Then I moved to this house and it started blooming its ass off. Five, six blossoms at once, and I never trasnplanted it, fed it, talked to it. I gave it a little water and let it be-- because once two years ago I had all these plants and I decided to talk to them and they all died. They HAD been doing fine. They didn't want to be fucked with.
I crave a magnolia. I almost bought one today but I had no faith. My jasmine won't bloom, though it is lovely in its green. But the immense cunt-smell of the jasmine flower--it was obscene when it bloomed. The whole house was a giant blush.I spent way too much for it, but wouldn't anyone?

Suzanne said...

God, I love you, C. You make me laugh so damn hard!

Magnolia, jasmine, yes, yes, yes. xo