Friday, March 17, 2006


Yesterday I bought a gallon of "Summer Solstice," for the bathroom walls.

What color does that bring to mind?


This morning, my friend Alex just about flattered me to death. He sent a group of poems titled, "Winter Solstice," that he's written in response to the poems in Spring Tide. Today, I will smile all day.


gina said...

A lovely pale yellow. The color of lemon Swee Tarts. I've got sun on the brain. I can think of nothing else. So, it's otherwise a green apple Swee Tart. And nothing else is possible.


michi said...

see - i told alex you'd be honoured! good stuff too, isn't it? and the title goes well with your bathroom colour! :) m

Suzanne said...

*lol* G, it's definitely a Swee Tart color and whatever you need it to be...:-)

You were right, Michi, I am honoured--and wowed, too. BTW I love the color of my bathroom.

michi said...

alex and i have been sending each other our daily poems, he said it might help him keep going. i am working on about four different series at the moment, or so it seems, and i cannot decide which is the weirdest one. *LOL*

i look forward to seeing the bathroom summer solstice! :)