Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Indiana Review publishes outstanding fiction. I read all the short stories in the current issue yesterday and felt wistful afterwards. My first love, my first intention, was to write short stories then I tripped on poetry (and it was as clumsy as that, I tripped) and left prose behind. I've got this notion that I might, possibly, try?, to write a novel. (Jenni has recommended a couple of excellent craft books, and if you have any recommendations please, do) The other notion I have is to write a page-turner, a good can'tstopreadinguntilIfindouthowitends book. I know this is blasphemy in some circles, particularly in our circle, but there it is -- also in this little notion fantasy I write when the kids are at school and I publish under my married name. I have quite the imagination.


LitByFire said...

I say Go For It! (Anything that sounds like blasphemy usually has some life to it--funny how we resist things we'd really like to try.
love, C

Anne said...

Steering the Craft by Ursula Le Guin is supposed to be an excellent fiction-writing book. I actually have it, and have read little bits of it, but fiction intimidates me enough that I haven't delved further. (Even though I've had one short story published, it still intimidates me. WTF?)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Go for it! It will be so exhausting, you'll just love it! LOL.

Oh I'm just going so crazy right now. I wrote 80 pages in 3 days. I do NOT reccomend this, although it would be a great form of punishment.

Seriously though, I miss writing poetry. My brain can only go in one direction at a time.

Anyway, I support you in this venture 100%


Suzanne said...

Damn it. I will do it. (Easy to say since I have a few years of procrastination ahead of me,er, I mean until all the darlings are in school.) Now off to pick/mull over genre...and Anne, thank you for the recommendation!