Monday, January 01, 2007

I learned a lot in 2006 and some of what I learned wasn't exactly what I expected to learn, but in retrospect it was knowledge I needed.

It was an excellent year for my full-length manuscript which made it to the finals several times and came within a hair of actually seeing publication.

A year that opened and closed with readings.

A year of many published poems.

A good year for creating new work, work collected, poems on the loose.

New friendships. New priorities. New books.

As for resolutions I made most of mine and applied them during 2006. The resolution will be to continue those resolutions -- not a hard one as they've all made this particular life easier.

2007 is off to a promising start.

Wishing all of you much love, joy, and good fortune this year.


tom said...

sounds great

i wrote a lot during the spring - less during the summer and fall - too many miles on the road - (40,000 + last year)

i've missed reading your work and will try to stop in more often

Suzanne said...

Wow, 40,000 miles!

Yay for new work!

I've missed reading your work too and I'm so glad you stopped by Tom. :-)

Emmy said...


I received your chapbook when I returned home from my trip to NY and El Paso - I'm so happy to read your work! I especially love the poem "Limited Range of Motion." I'm reading a bunch of books simultaneously right now as I'm gearing up for the semester, but looking forward to absorbing the collection as a whole. Thanks again and happy new year!

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much, Emmy, your note made me smile and smile. xoxo