Thursday, April 26, 2007

Strange Days Indeed

We're having a late spring -- the hyacinth, daffodils and scillia are finally blooming -- everything is shooting up fast now and looks peachy. This weekend we planted new bulbs and pruned the rose bushes. Next weekend: mulch. I moved the birdbath to the front yard. Very exciting, eh?

Actually it's amazing how much time will be spent outdoors after a week of torrential rain. It's as if we're cramming in every and any excursion possible: petting farm, river walk, nature center, long walks around the neighborhood, backyard batting practice, etc. just in case the clouds open up on us again.


One review down. One to go.


jenni said...

It's been a late spring down here too. It's only warmed up this past week. We had a nice warm week 3 weeks ago and then it was freezing for two weeks. I thought it was colder than in Febuary -- weird. Lots of rain too. I think it's warmed up for good now though (crossing fingers). Have fun with that mulch!

early hours of sky said...

Okay do you use the coco mulch that smells like hot coco--Im addicted.

I love spring. I love dirt.

Sheryl said...

Spring is late in Denver too.

I'm enjoying the sun today and should go for walks too.