Thursday, May 31, 2007


MiPOesias Magazine seeks submissions from Cuban-American poets for an upcoming special edition. The publication is scheduled to launch online in the Spring of 2008. Writers living anywhere in the U.S. are encouraged to submit 5-7 poems to mipoesias at earthlink dot net . We are interested in contemporary, well-crafted verse that reflects today's hyphen-American culture and concerns. We seek modern voices with fresh perspectives. Please, no poems about palm trees and mangos and nostalgia for the island. Deadline for submissions is November 15. Emma Trelles, a South Florida poet and arts writer for the Sun-Sentinel, is editing this special edition of MiPOesias Magazine. Again, please note that this call for poetry is open only to Cuban-American writers living in the U.S.A. We are not accepting poems written exclusively in Spanish. We will consider Spanglish or dicharachos within the poem's content.

I don't have any poems that fit this call, but if you know any Cuban-American poets that do pass it on.


Francisco Aragón said...

Hi Suzanne:
Just send them poems. Nothing to lose.

jenni said...

kinda reminds me of that call for polish poems -- no lightbulbs or perogies please!

Didi Menendez said...

Not only am I encouraging you to send something in, I expect it. Lets not become a bunch of papayas afraid of this call. Lets strap on some mangoes and go for the gusto.

Didi Menendez

Suzanne said...

ROTFL! Thanks, Didi.