Thursday, May 10, 2007


I spent yesterday afternoon with the piano tuner, not just any piano tuner, but a fourth generation piano tuner. Fascinating man. He fixed the keys that were stuck and of course tuned the piano. He was amazed we were able to get the piano up here in the first place. (Our home is a two family home -- we rent the first floor and live on the second and third floors.) The front stairs are steep, steep, steep and I'm pretty sure the piano is here to stay because there's no way it's going back down those stairs. Afterwards he played it for us! He recommended Miss Emily for lessons. We're calling her soon.


jenni said...

Awesome! I've always wanted to play an instrument. I learned a little piano when I was very young, but all I can play now is chop sticks.

Radish King said...

After my dad tuned a piano, he played it. He said it was like a midwife rocking the baby.

Pam Hart said...

My bird sings up a storm when the piano tuner comes to do his work, upsetting the pitch of both bird and man. We close the door, cover the bird cage with a blanket. Pitch is a fussy fellow.