Thursday, June 28, 2007


Salt Flats Annual accepted three of my poems for their 2008 issue.

Not so nice: Humidity. No central air equals a stifling study. We've been holing up in the rooms that have window units.

Rumors regarding thunder showers for late last night, but while the ground is a little damp, I think I'm going to have to water the garden this evening. My darlings look like they're gasping.

Good news for No Tell Motel.

I try not to complain around here, but I have to tell you that new blogger sucks. I am so sick of logging in -- so constantly annoyed that it's cut down on my posting and commenting. I thought by now that this would be ironed out, but apparently not.


Simmons B. Buntin said...

Congrats on the Salt Flats Annual acceptances! I haven't seen that one before, so I'm glad to learn of a new, quality journal.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Simmons, it's a great journal and it's tree friendly -- they take email submissions.

Anne said...

Three poems in one issue! That's really cool. I love when journals take more than one poem because then you know it's not just a fluke of them liking one poem only. :)

I only have to log into Blogger occasionally, every couple of weeks maybe. But I'm always logged into my gmail account and I think they share a cookie, so that probably keeps me logged in here as well.

Suzanne said...

Anne, you crack me up! And I suppose this means I'll have to get a gmail account, it's either that or throw the keyborad out the window. ;-)

greg rappleye said...

Congratulations on the poems!

I never had much experience with "old" Blogger, so can't really compare the two. I have had a great deal of difficulty correcting tiny mistakes in previously published posts--the "draft" accepts the edit but the edit won't "publish."

All of that happened after they added the "automatic save" feature, which I find quite useless.

Nick said...

Congrats on the pub, Suzanne.

-----------------The Pub-less Wonder

Suzanne said...

Thanks Greg and I've heard a lot of people are having problems editing with that new feature.

Thanks Nick, and you are so modest because you know that's not true.

A. D. said...

What's this about pubs? Who's up for happy hour?

(Er, I mean, congrats!)

I used to exercise in a gym that had little ventilation and no AC in the summer. Just do what I did and keep reminding yourself that the heat will keep you from tightening up and pulling something. . . . :-P

Any chance I could persuade you to turn on your RSS feed?

Suzanne said...

Oh if you only knew the things you could persuade me to do you charming devil, you -- How do I do it? Show me and I will. And Thanks! You know happy hour sounds good to me too right about now.

A. D. said...


Instructions for turning on your sitefeed are here.

After that, your feed will be

Suzanne said...

Done. Wow, that was easy.

Robin said...

Congrats on the new publications, Suzanne.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Robin!