Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Aries - week of July 12, 2007

Among the Yanyuwa Aboriginal people who live along the coast of Australia's Northern Territory, the word for "fat" is nalu-ngiliny. It doesn't merely refer to the greasy stuff that grows naturally under the skin of animal bodies. It's also a metaphysical term for vitality. Anything that's rich in nalu-ngiliny is healthy. A certain landscape may be considered fat, for instance, which means that it's fertile and sacred. When acacia flowers bloom each year, it's a sign that sea turtles and the marine mammals known as dugongs, favorite foods of the Yanyuwa, are "fat" and ready to be hunted. Your assignment in the coming week is to identify the things in your life that are nalu-ngiliny, and to give them the honor, gratitude, and nurturing they deserve.
That Brezny always knows just what I need to hear.


Pam Hart said...

I love the book cover--a perfect companion to the Hopper painting. Do you have this book? Maybe it's a nalu-ngiliny thing!

Suzanne said...

No I don't have the book, but came cross the image and loved it. I think in my next life I'll come back with a letter press and make books. Or learn to be a book designer -- let's throw in coming back filthy rich for good measure. ;-)