Sunday, September 02, 2007


Ivy said...


And those sunflowers are a bit of all right, too. ;-)

LoveandSalt said...

"Heavily hangs the sunflower
O'er its grave in the earth so chilly.
Heavily hangs the hollyhock,
Heavily hangs the tiger-lily."

Actually, I'm not so sure the first line is "sunflower," but it fits. Sad-sounding lines, sonorous and overdone and gorgeous.
I wish I had planted sunflowers. Yours are amazing.

LoveandSalt said...

Actually, it's "Heavily hangs the broad sunflower..."

There are about a hundred reaons it sounds better that way, not the least being the way it makes "flower" one syllable...

...and of course landing hard on "broad" and "sun" right on top of another.

I have a corny heart.

Suzanne said...

Right back atcha, Gorgeous!


Thank you for the Tennyson. Beautiful!

I wish these were my sunflowers. They are growing in the garden behind our house-- in fact there are two gardens chock full of sunflowers this year.

You know that's what I love about you right?

Charles said...

I always associate sunflowers with shame.

Suzanne said...


Oh, Charlie, that is so sad. I will ban all sunflowers when I am queen. xo

Unknown said...

sunflower heaven!