Monday, November 12, 2007


third birthday passed and I didn't even notice. I've been too busy Christmas shopping. Yes, Christmas Shopping, even better, I'm almost done. No Black Friday for me this year. No mad crowds.
Last year I tried the Black Friday Madness for the first time. I woke up early, headed out to wait in a line the length of two city-blocks and ended up in a store with hundreds of insane shoppers -- shoppers who rushed the doors, shoppers who climbed over displays to get whatever hot electronic item was on sale, shoppers who had no compunctions about running into elderly women with their carts. Never again. And you know what? I don't think the deals were all that great, I spent more last year than I ever spent before.
This year I've been going through a little, er, tiny, manic period, and have been shopping a lot. It felt like I was spending way too much, but I added it all up and it's not so bad, a lot less than last year. The only difference is that I caught a little OCD about the house, also I've gone down a size and needed to buy new clothes. The things I bought for the house were little finishing touches, a few lamps, decorative rods, a rug, a quilt, and practical things like new sheets, the washer & dryer. The clothes were much needed. Did I mention I bought clothes for all the kids too? (What's worse is that a lot of it has gone on a credit card. I'll pay it off, but I hate using the credit card. That should have been my first clue that I was manic. Now, I'm OCDing about the credit card.)
I blame the new discount store that opened up in our town. I'm banning myself from that place. For a long time, there was nothing nearby that ever had anything I liked. To go shopping was to make a day of it, and although this post may give you the impression I like to shop, it's not an activity I'm partial to, in fact, that's probably why I did so much at once-- things we needed, things I've put off too long. Now it's too easy to run in and get myself in trouble. I'm cut off. I have cut myself off.


Valerie Loveland said...

I absolutely despise shopping. Black Friday doesn't make sense to me even if someone likes shopping--you can't shop with a bunch of people in your way.

Talia Reed said...

I really only like to shop for myself (and my daughter who's young enough to dress up). Most of the shopping I do is groceries, and practical things like you said--Joe needs a pair of work shoes, or a last minute birthday gift for the brother-in-law that I put off. So christmas is coming and I'm tryig really hard to think about wise purchases for my toddler.

Suzanne said...

Talia, a toddler is so much fun to buy for, and now that I have a daughter (she's two) I find it very difficult to leave a store empty handed. *lol*