Friday, June 13, 2008

"I didn't plan on either children or writing. Once I realized that writing satisfied me in some enormous way, I had to make adjustments. The writing was always marginal in terms of time when the children were small. But it was major in terms of my head. I always thought that women could do a lot of things. All the women I knew did nine or ten things at one time. I always understood that women worked, they went to church, they managed their houses, they managed somebody else's houses, they raised their children, they raised somebody else's children, they taught. I wouldn't say it's not hard, but why wouldn't it be? All important things are hard."

--Toni Morrison. Essence. February 1998.


Emmy said...

¡Viva las mujeres!

Sheryl said...

Yes! Women with children have so much to do. Writing on top of that blows my mind away!!!

Suzanne said...

¡Viva las mujeres!