Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vigorous, heat-tolerant plants reach a uniform height and are topped by excellent-quality, closely set blooms in a comprehensive array of colours. Flowers well under long days. Versatile snaps are useful as both a landscape series and as field-grown cut flowers. Planting early, the home gardener can get two crops of stems.


Plant hollyhocks in groups of 8 to 12, setting them about two feet apart. They will grow into a stunning solid mass, making a dramatic vertical statement on a grand scale. Many gardeners like the effect of single colors in a group. To orchestrate this, buy seeds of single colors and grow them apart.


I'm happy to be obsessing about the garden again, it beats obsessing over my manuscript, or submissions, or the economy. I had to return 7 hollyhocks, both purple cone flowers and two deutzia because there is no room for them in my tiny garden. Someone save me from my grand schemes!

I have an appointment today with my primary care physician to find out what is causing this pinched nerve -- wish me luck --


greg rappleye said...

Good luck.

remember, poets need nerve!

I suppose gardeners do, as well.

Radish King said...

Sorry you are hurting little sister. I think of you when I dig in the dirt.

Suzanne said...

Thanks you two. Still waiting for the results of the x-rays and in the meantime have a bit of a reprieve due to these killer prescription drugs. Maybe I'll be able to get all these plants in the garden today. xo

Sheryl said...

Get better soon.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Sheryl. xo