Saturday, May 02, 2009


I had such a wonderful time visiting and reading at Dartmouth. Truly, I am still savoring the experience. It's difficult to untangle because I always come back elated and sated after spending time with Cynthia, and I am certain that spending time with her in this setting made it all the more fabulous. I stayed in the charming and lovely Hanover Inn, visited one of her classes, answering questions, talking about poetry -- for those of you who are part of the academy it may not seem like a very big deal, but those of us outside of the academy don't often get the chance to speak about poetry with people who are actually interested in poetry. The reading was in the Sanborn Library, the room was packed and it was a great audience -- one with the type of energy that reflects back to the reader. Laurel Blossom read from her book Degrees of Latitude (Four Way Books) and I read some poems from Lit Windowpane, American Flamingo, and my new mss. Dinner afterwards with Cleopatra, Laurel, Cynthia ---. Cynthia's the next day to see Rick and King George. There's so much more, and I could go on and on, instead know that this was one of top readings of all time.
I suppose I should also mention how much more adorable and smart, and charming my children are after a few days away. It's pretty amazing.


Pam Hart said...

Sounds like a great reading, time away, talking, etc. always a bit of refreshment. And thanks for the supportive post re qarrtsiluni submission!

Veronica Mae Haakonsen said...

It was great hearing your insights in class; thanks for coming to talk with us! I really liked the reading as well.

I've been dabbling in poetry for a few years now (I have my own blog as well where I post poems) and it's really exciting to have a chance to hear other people talk about how they got interested in poetry, and to have a chance to refine my approach to writing.

Thanks again!

~Veronica Haakonsen '12
Dartmouth Student

Suzanne said...

Pam, good luck with the issue!

The pleasure was all mine. Thanks so much for stopping by --it's so nice to hear from you and I really appreciate your comments. Good luck with your writing -- I'll keep an eye out for your work!