Saturday, May 09, 2009

Gardening Without Gloves

I spent yesterday planting annuals, in pots, in the ground, in window boxes. I had to dart between clouds and plant all of them in an intent frenzy. The rain held off until I finished. White begonias, white impatiens, chartreuse coleus, lemon balm, potato vine, flats and flats of deep violet petunias.

My favorite boy, Jack, brought home a "Tango White" geranium and gave it to me for mother's day. It's beautiful and will bloom a long, long time.

Delphiniums went in with the roses by the picket fence. Now to sit back and watch the show. Every year, and I mean every single year since I've started this garden (about 7 now?) I'm stunned in spring. That it grows back, that it grows out of the ground, stronger, fuller, more beautiful than I had imagined.

Let's cut to the chase: My Garden Kicks Ass.


Janice said...

Sometimes I have to confess that I do wear gloves - it is mostly a case of needing to leave off quickly and won't have time to wash thoroughly. Other times I need to be in contact with the soil and the dexterity that having bear hands brings eg pricking out seedlings. I have the same feeling about being stunned about what can happen with the plants; each year it is a small miracle that the tiny 4-leaved seedlings can turn into full-sized flowering plants in only a few weeks. Each April I am scared that I left it too late again, and each year I heave a sigh of relief when they come up trumps.

Suzanne said...

Thanks for stopping by!