Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Five Days

On August 31, 2010 I will return to work as a full-time writer. For the past seven and a half years I have been a full-time mother and a part-time writer. I wrote during naptime, I wrote on the weekends, I wrote at four in the morning, and I wrote during the hours of 9:15 to 11:15 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday if school was in session. I confess that sometimes I didn't write at all -- it was too frustrating, too exhausting, too little. This stretch of six hours of freedom to write on most days makes me a little nervous. Will I remember how to write during normal hours? Will I be able to write without the intense pressure of knowing a child will be waking up soon, or a child will need to be picked from nursery school in 2.5 hours? Will I be able to write, let's say a blog post, without a 7 y.o. boy waving a gloved (?) hand in front of my face asking, "Are you awake?" as just happened two seconds ago? Or without a little girl going through the closet and asking me to pick out a party dress for her? (One second ago).

Five more days until I can form a complete thought, People! Until then, duty calls.

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