Friday, November 05, 2010


Here's my facebook status from yesterday:

home and still beaming from her wonderful experience at William Paterson University -- such insightful students, so curious, such great questions! Teaching the graduate workshop was amazing. I confess, I never really understood the vocation to teach, but I get it now.

An accurate summary and it still applies today.

I came home to Simmons Buntin's new book, Bloom. It's a beautiful book, beautifully made. I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing it.

I'm so ready for the weekend.

And, yes. Exactly:

A couple of thoughts about winning & recognition, occasioned by some of my less literary passions. First, Gretchen Jones won Project Runway with a show of what could politely be called Sedona-Wear, highly commercial but yawningly predictable southwestern casual clothes. Mondo Guerra, the pint-sized Pinocchio of Denver, came in second with a show that demonstrated infinitely greater range, sophistication and creativity. Even third-place finisher Andy South’s collection, a little too safe to be as avant-garde as some of his warrior women costumes had been in the past, put on a better show than Jones, who might not have made in it to Fashion Week at all had the judges not applied an unwritten “one finalist must be a woman” rule, thereby dropping the effortless chic of Michael Costello. A poll in the LA Times showed viewers preferring Guerra’s collection with about 80% of the vote, Jones in second with just under 12% and South at 7%.

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