Friday, November 19, 2004

Do you realize

that Thanksgiving is next Thursday? I just realized this yesterday. I've got classes this weekend, Wendy coming over on Sunday, and thank you for small favors writer's group moved to the following weekend. So. What do I decide to do instead of studying, making this house presentable, or planning a menu? Morning: I mosey J out for a long walk to enjoy the gorgeous Indian Summer day. The hours that follow? I poke at the poem I've been compulsively rewriting and/or dance around with J singing Laurie Berkner's 'Song in my Tummy.' It's a sickness I tell ya.


Radish King said...

Dancing around, singing, trumps everything.

early hours of sky said...

Yeah I think someone is squeezing these holiday things closer together. Both of my daughters are having full holiday family dinners at school on Tuesday (of course same time, different rooms) They'll be so sick of turkey come Thursday that I am thinking about pizza in shape of a bird.

Suzanne said...

Damn straight it does!

Now that's creative: a turkey shaped pizza. I'm not roasting a turkey. I don't even like turkey and refuse to serve it. How's that for noncoformist?! (wink)

Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!