Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Where the hell is Emily Post when I need her? When someone links your blog, blogrolls you, or even better includes you in their blogrollicious do you send a little thank you note? Embossed with your name on Crane stock, or is an email O.K.?

How about a collective: I feel so thankful thank you. Thank you for the shout-outs. How thoughtful of you. Right here on litwindowpane?

Thanks! Have a happy~*

This must be what ‘cultural lag’ means.


Hannah Craig said...

Conversely, when someone mysteriously drops you from their blog-roll, do you send a sinister "note," or send them a package of voodoo dolls?

Just asking. No reason. No, really, no reason.

I'm probably severely lacking in blog etiquette, but I usually just drop by and comment on the linker's they know I am reading and appreciative, etc.

Suzanne said...

Did you notice that the link to your blog is prominently displayed to the right? [Vanna White hand movement]...just checking. (wink)