Friday, November 26, 2004


Eduardo and Charles (Charlie?) have me thinking about themes in poetry. Since I picked up the pen again in March, I’ve been exploring the themes of: beauty, forgiveness and longing. And the poems are really, umm, pretty. I’ve always written poems that are the opposite of pretty and these new poems feel very risky to write. Here I was all dressed up, anticipating the opposite of pretty poems again and they stood me up. So, I’m amassing all these poems and I have no idea which journals even publish pretty poems---ah I lie, several have already been picked up by journals, in fact, they've landed me some of my best credits. Maybe, it’s because they truly are risky for me to write and I feel compelled to write them? Maybe, pretty has gotten a bad rap? Maybe, maybe.


Paul said...

I think 'pretty' poems often get a bad rap in certain circles, just as other types of poems get knocked around by others. But I think you've hit upon a good point for you, risk: these poems probably do connect so well because of the added charge risk adds into them.

Charles said...

Yes. You can call me Charlie. :)

I think my poems have gotten "prettier" too--definitely more lyrical, and, like you, they feel risky to me.

It feels good.

early hours of sky said...

pretty is what pretty does...

pretty or not a poem has to work.
I tend to be a lyrical poet most of the time, for me risk is the total opposite.
But I do think we go in and out of waves in writing style. Dont worry you'll be ugly again;) T

Suzanne said...

I think you're right, although I have to admit I'm amused (at myself) for feeling so chicken while explore these themes. *lol*

Charlie! :-)
What a relief it is to hear that someone else has turned the pretty corner. It does feel good.

O jeez I hope not. I've already filled two chapbooks with those dark darlings. It's time to embrace the light. (wink)

Anonymous said...

I think some themes are timeless. Of course, it works even better if a timeless theme is well written. --smile--


Suzanne said...

Hey Ess, thanks for giving me a big smile.