Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Who plans to go to AWP next year, and more importantly who knows the best place to buy the airline tickets? By best I don't mean safest airplane either, I mean inexpensive and perhaps even cheap. Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

A quick skip around blog land reveals a lot: Paul has a secret admirer. I'm not suprised at all, although things are getting pretty steamy over in his comments box. Hannah, apparently, has Jesus watching her every move, lucky guy. Rebecca has heat!! Hooray!! Kell has a great list of poetry books for holiday shopping. Shanna has a mouthwateringIcanalmosttasteit menu planned for Thanksgiving. Pushcart Nominees are all over the place and I think it's all fabulous.


Paul said...

I'm thinking my secret admirer could be a friend having fun. Very curious.,..,

Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

You think? Pretty hot stuff for a friend...

Hey you! Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your break. :-)

Eduardo C. Corral said...

I'm going to AWP next year. And Paul owes me a drink or two! Though, I might have to get in line behind his stalkers, I mean, fans.

I usually buy my airplane tix from Southwest. Cheap and safe. But I don't think they flew into Canada. O well.

Suzanne said...

*lmao* Well, Paul, stalkers are the price you pay for devilishly good looks. Maybe if money falls out of the sky (hey, it could happen!) I'll buy both of you drinks in Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

Stalker? No.

Fan? Yes.

Friend? Not yet. Someday, maybe.

Secret admirer? Definitely.

Having fun? Absolutely.

This crush makes me giddy. Been a long time since I felt so light, so winged.

Whimsy said...

Hey, Suzanne (and hi to Paul and Eduardo). I'm in that weird limbo state where I just KNOW I'm going to AWP, but I haven't gotten the tickets yet or registered, even though I'm an AWP member. I think there's something about Vancouver where I think..."hmm, Vancouver, it's an island right? Might fall into some Pacific Rift or something before then. Kinda far, really. Jesus, I need a passport?"

On the other hand, I am so totally miffed that I was at Chicago AWP and missed Paul because I would go to my room with my sweetie and read poetry when I should have been doing jello shots in the bar, so I'm not doing that again. I was fantasizing about doing a Monster Session on the Ultimate Statistics of Poetry Submission, but I got lazy and didn't get the synopsis in by last frigging MAY, so that's out. Last time, I read at the Swink gig, but if I don't start submitting again, I'm not going to be able to hold my head up at those huge lectures where Hilda Raz berates us for not perfecting our craft enough.

Still and all, I think that Vancouver AWP may be a quieter, gentler, more intimate kinda thing compared to the Chaos That Was Chicago. So, I think I'm going.

Suzanne said...

Stalker, uh I mean, Secret Admirer,
All I can say is: Get in line sistah. That Paul has left a string of charmed women all over the east coast. (feel free to interchange the gender in the above discourse to its applicable form.) ;-)

Is there anyway to find out where the 2006 AWP is being held? (With my luck I'll make it to AWP in Vancouver, and the 2006 conference will in NYC.)

Vancouver sounds extraordinarily gorgeous so it's very tempting. I'll do jello-shots with you if I get there! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sistah, I'd figured as much. He is, after all, a poet.

Not to worry. Seems he's lost interest. The thrill, as the song goes, is gone.


It was fun though--up to a point. I had so hoped to suck him into my crush enough that he might actually feel compelled to respond to one of my silly poems with a poem of his own, but he was not so inspired nor inclined.

Any possibility you could post a link regarding this AWP shindig y'all have been discussing?

And, if you don't mind my asking, who do you have a crush on? On one of these blogs, doesn't somebody list an everchanging list of like 10 names of crushes? I need a new crush. (sigh)

Suzanne said...

My crush? Hmmm there are several...the safest crush I have is on Mark Bibbins.

Jim Berhl has a crush list, but he seems kind-of fickle as it changes a lot. I mean, I've had a crush on Mark Bibbins since 1999.

Ah, the AWP is a newtorking orgy for writers held annually.

Don't feel too badly, as I said he's left a trail of broken hearts. :-)