Monday, December 06, 2004


My computer crashed a couple of months ago and several newer poems disappeared into the ether along with everything else on my hard drive. Or so I thought. This morning I was searching frantically for my student id number to access the university library from home and I came across copies of all those poems. Somehow, they're not quite the masterpieces they were when lost. Funny how that works, huh? *lmao* I'm glad that I found them anyway. At least now I can poke at them during down times. Oh, I also found my student id number too -- which reminds me -- I should stop blogging and start researching that paper due next week. I blame my husband. Everything I learned about procrastination I learned from watching him. (wink)


paula said...

My motto: Always blame the husbands: it's healthy and, most times, deserved ;-)


Ivy said...

All's well that end's well. :-) Oh, yeah, procrastination's the name of the game. At least, you're in good company: kings and queens often ruled bedside, not even bothering to get out to issue dictums and exceution orders...

Hannah Craig said...

Ah. Yes. Last winter I lost...well...months of work in a horrific computer crash complicated by the fact that the broken computer also did not have a working cd or floppy drive. So anyway.

I like to pretend they were all masterpieces. Truth is, I was probably better off losing them. :p

Suzanne said...

Paula, now that's what I'm talkin' about. *lol* Great to 'see' you here.

There have been rumours of aristocratic bloodlines in our family, and I could easily see myself bedside ruling. Hmm, maybe a little too easily? I banged out the paper yesterday. Fini! Whoohoo.

In your case they are masterpieces and I am mourning deeply (and selfishly) for The Lost Hannah Poems.