Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Cozy Up

I've been spending time with someone else's first book. It's been great to focus so intently on his poems rather than mine. Yesterday was spent shamelessly changing the order of the collection -- a very strong and beautiful first collection. He hasn't announced the book yet, so I can't steal his thunder.

I don't know if I was helpful or not, but I do know that sometimes hearing one of my poems read by someone else is very helpful. Maybe, seeing the way I would order the contents will have the same effect. It also made me realize that it may help to have someone fondle my new collection.

Does anyone out there want to read my new, umm, prettier chapbook mss? I could use the feedback. If you interested in cozying up with about 20 poems over Christmas break, email me and I'll send them along.


Ivy said...

Hey Suzanne, care to swap chaps when I get back to Cardiff? Yay!

Suzanne said...

Ivy, yes, yes, yes! Email me when you get back. :-)

early hours of sky said...

I am up to swapping, if you are up to it. I warn you some of them might be pretty;)

Suzanne said...

You have chapbook? And why wasn't I informed of this missy?

Shoot. I only have one copy left from the Saratoga reading and I've promised it to the fabulous Ivy Alavarez (Isn't that a great name? I love the way it sounds.)

Email me anyway and give me the info on your chap. Merry Christmas ladies! xo

Ivy said...

'Isn't that a great name? I love the way it sounds.'

*blush* Thanks!

-from the mellifluously named Ivy Alvarez

Chaty said...

I may be late, but I would love to read some of your poems from way out here in Spain. Am I too late? No. Great!

Suzanne said...

Actually, Alberto, you are right on time. Check your email. :-) And thank you!

Suzanne said...

Oh, and Ivy, you are most welcome. :-)