Friday, January 07, 2005

By the Sea, By the Sea,

Only one more week and I'll be by the sea for a long poetry weekend. The stars must be aligned because not only did I win the scholarship, but there was some brief panic over who was going to watch J. and pick up T. from school next Friday, as it turns out Jim is off that day. Now I can go without any guilt over money, or neglected children and enjoy myself completely. I so need this. And when I get back there will only be 9 weeks left until spring!


Radish King said...

Poetry by the sea? ARE YOU COMING TO MY HOUSE?!?!?
*jumps up and down*
*claps hands*
*looks around to see if anyone saw that*

Chaty said...

Enjoy the sea-side. See what you come back with?

Unha aperta,

early hours of sky said...

are you coming to the Palm Beach conference? Okay now you have me all exicited. Damn it, why does there have to be more than one place by the sea...

Radish King said...

Naw, I'm just gonna go outside with my book.

paula said...

Enjoy the poetry and the sea! Just naming the sea makes me crave for it.

Suzanne said...

You have no idea how badly I want to say 'Yes!' just so I can see you jumping around and excited.

Thanks! Maybe I will have the start of something when I get back. I still want to see yours though. (wink)

Palm Springs?! I am so jealous. My shore will most likely have snow on it. Is your conference next weekend too?

You live in a house by the sea. I can't get over it. How lovely. I may just start saving my pennies and manage to show up on your doorstep someday.

Thank you, Paula! I love the sea too. :-)