Monday, January 03, 2005

Six Mrs. and One Miss

From the preface of A Little Treasury of Favorite Poems, Highly decorative edition (originally published in 1894, as Favorite Poems)

'...a well-selected variety for the lovers of poetry, and form an appropriate present for all seasons and occasions. Most of the selections are the brightest gems from American and English authors, and will live as long as a love of the beautiful and the true spirit of poetry find an abiding-place in the human heart.'

Among the contents, mingling with Shakspeare (sic), Byron, Milton, Tennyson and Wordsworth, are poems by Mrs. Hemans, Mrs. H. B. Stowe, Mrs. Sigourney, Miss Hinxham, and Mrs. C.E. Norton. Mrs. Hemens has no less than five poems in the treasury. The Misses and the Mrs. titles made me really sad. I can't imagine a pen name that included Mrs. or Miss Anything. Well, maybe Miss Thang.

Ah, but what's this? Be still my beating heart. The contents also include Emma A. Browne, Alice Cary, Adelaide A. Procter (three poems), Dinah Maria Mulcok (two poems), Anna L. Barbauld and Elizabeth Akers. Whew. All was not lost.


A. D. said...


I know this comment is misplaced, but is "Visitation" the Mark Doty poem you referenced on C. Dale Young's blog?

Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

Yes, A.D., that's the one! Thanks so much, it was driving me nuts trying to recall the title, although not as nuts as looking for Doty's book--a signed one no less. (I've given the search up to my subconscious.) I distinctly recall taking all my first edition, signed books and putting them somewhere 'safe'. Never fails. Somewhere safe guarantees I won't come across it for months. *lol*