Wednesday, February 02, 2005

At Last

the T-Shirt I've been searching for my entire life:

  • bookslut

  • This most definitely tops the birthday wish list.
    2-3 Update

    Birthday wish list? What am I thinking? Valentines Day is waaaayyyy closer than my birthday. Ha. I hope ze husband is able to pick up some extra SAT tutoring clients this week. [laughing maniacally]. I've also selected some 'hottie' maternity clothes, yes, they have those now. Since this will be the last and probably the most suffering (think July & August) pregnancy, I'm going to look damn good. [note to self: prehaps blogging while expecting isn't the smartest move? hmmm.]


    VSPDC said...

    Hottie maternity clothes are always worth the investment.

    Kelli Russell Agodon - Book of Kells said...

    Love it!

    When I was pregnant (only 5 years ago), there was no Gap Maternity or Old Navy Maternity. I had one cool hippie dress, the rest of the clothes looked as if I had escaped from the set of Little House on the Prairie. Why they put flowers on everything was beyond me.

    Enjoy your hottie preggers clothes and be thankful someone finally realized that having a baby didn't have to mean stepping into the land of ugly clothes. ;-)

    Suzanne said...

    Yep, I'm gonna 'work' those hottie preggo clothes. *lol*