Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Power of Words

  • Voices in Wartime


    Chaty said...

    Sounds like something worth seeing. It’ll probably never get to me, but you never know. Interesting idea & brave, too, when you think about it. Not the kind of thing they might give away at MacDonald’s, but even if just a few see/hear those beautiful poems it will have been a worthy project.


    Suzanne said...

    You never know, it may be out on DVD or VHS, before you know it and I'll send you a copy. (that's assuming that the VCR's and DVD players are compatible with thos in Europe.)I'm looking forward to it and haven't heard much of buzz about this documentary so I'm hoping it will come to us, too. We're a bit out of the way. At least it feels like that sometimes. :-)