Monday, February 21, 2005

Would my daughter hate me

if I named her Violet? Other choices include Emily and Ainsley, apparently all either up-and-coming, or wildly popular. The funny thing is I don't know a single little girl named Emily and it's supposed to be the number one name for the last 10 years, or something like that. Many of the girl names that I like end with the long E sound, unfortunately my married name is also a two-syllable name with a long E sound and things get a little, umm, sing-songy. Violet, though, is pretty, no? This is what's going to happen: I am going to wrack my brains for the perfect girls' name, then go for my sonogram and find out I'm having a boy---this happens every time. Not that I wouldn't want a boy, I love having boys and probably wouldn't know what to do with a girl if I had one, but it is odd that I've gone through the same process with each pregnancy.
Courtesy of Flower History--


When Napoleon married Josephine, she wore violets, and on each anniversary Josephine received a bouquet of violets. Following Napoleon’s lead, the French Bonapartists chose the violet as their emblem, and nicknamed Napoleon "Corporal Violet". In 1814, Napoleon asked to visit Josephine's tomb before being exiled to the Island of St. Helena. When he died, he wore a locket around his neck that contained violets he had picked from Josephine’s gravesite.

Common sayings include: Dream of violets and advance in life. Wear a garland of violets to prevent dizziness. Violets are considered a good luck gift, but when violets bloom in autumn, epidemics will follow within the year.


Charles said...

There is something wonderful about having a really uncommon name. Now, I know Charlie used to be the Jennifer of the 40s, but I almost never run into someone named Charlie, and it's great:

1. When you are in a crowded place and you hear your uncommon name, you know it's you.

2. When you date someone, your name is never numbered to indicate which one of the "Charlies" you are in their dating history (ie. "Charlie 1," "Charlie 2," etc.)

3. You end up getting a nickname version of your name instead of a nickname derived from a physical or mental attribute ("Stumpy," "Pooter," etc.)

4. Chances are there's a song about you ("Gloria," "Mandy," etc.) but not about "Jennifer" or "Lisa." Exception: "Angie." But who wants to be THAT girl anyway?

5. If your daughter is bitter, you can always play your writer's card--you thought "Violet" would be more poem-ready than "Emily." You've also guaranteed her a career in the arts using her own name and not a stage/pen name.

early hours of sky said...

I love Violet and my best friend in college was named Anisely but I’ve never met one in child form. I teach which makes it very difficult to name your children because you always have a kid who did something and you find that the names always direct the kid (ie. I’ve never met a quiet Corey or Dylan.
Okay good girl’s names, Sadie, Amelia, Olivia, Hazel, Esme, Camille, Avery and hell I love Emily and I can tell you honestly those Emily girls don’t eat glue.

LKD said...

She might not hate you directly, Zanne, but she'd probably hate her name. Believe me, I know whereof I speak. I loathed my name until I turned 30. LOATHED it. But I don't recall hating my mother and father for naming me Laurel. Had my father had his way, I would've been named Veronica but my mother refused to allow it, partially because the Archie comics were very popular at that time, and partially because she feared I'd end up with the oh-so-cool nickname Ronnie, which was my father's nickname. They wanted to call me Laura but felt it was too common, so...god help me, they found Laurel in the name book and slapped that on me. (grin) Everyone who's ever known me swears that I am a Laurel---whatever the hell that means.

Violet. Yikes. It's quite a name to stick on a kid. The only Violet I ever met was a very lovely white-haired lady who used to rent videos from the video store I worked at in Pittsburgh years ago. And of course, she thought my name was beautiful. (grin)

TE suggested Esme--which is a seriously cool name. I was going to ask if you'd considered Emma.

I'm 40 now, and unmarried and um, unattached, so I doubt I'll be having any kids, but if I were to have a child, I'd name a boy Jake, Jack, Zane or Shane, and were it a girl, Greer.

Only one girl name. One goddamned good girl name. And yeah, she'd hate me or hate her name. But oh, Greer. What a wonderful name.

I'll shut up now. (smile)

Laurel---who loves her name now because it is so uncommon (although it seems there are quite a few Laurels in the poetry world, eh?)

ps: Loved the info you posted about violets. I suppose you could assuage your little girl by telling her about Napoleon and Josephine, eh? My parents tried to assuage me with the crown of laurels stuff when I was a kid but all I heard was Laurel and Hardy at school which pretty much killed the deal for me.

Oh, and incidentally, the reason my parents chose Laurel aside from it being so uncommon was because they didn't want me to have a nickname. Meanwhile, my whole damned life, all I've longed for is a decent nickname. (sigh)

early hours of sky said...

Esme was the most brilliant child I've ever met, she had a twin named Yeshim. And dear Laurel all the Zanes I've known try to wash their hair in the urinal but they are in preschool so I am sure they outgrow that.

Suzanne said...

These are great points, Charlie. My husband thinks Violet is pretty, but he might be humoring the crazy pregnant lady....

T, I'm so glad you like it. You know Isabelle was one of my picks and was shot down by someone who isn't actually on the perilous journey of childbirth (husband) and who really shouldn't have a choice in the matter as far as I'm concerned (wink). Good news about the Emily name. Emily Jane has a nice ring to it, eh? I like a lot of the names you mentioned. My husband is a teacher, too and omg what a nightmare when it comes to naming babies!

You have one of my favorite names! *lol* I never thought of the whole Laurel and Hardy thing. If it makes you feel better people sang "O Susannah," to me every chance they got. It wasn't until I actually heard a folk singer in a coffee shop sing that song 'til I realized it was a beautiful, sad song. I have a Jack. And we know a Zane. I thought about the whole Violet old lady thing, but Esme & Hazel sound (to me) in the same age group, so perhaps Violet won't stick out so much? Right now, it's a tie between Violet Anne and Emily Jane. (Emma was shot down, too, by that person who is not on the perilous journey of childbirth hmmph.) It would probably be a good idea to start umm, thinking about boys names--the problem is I think I've used my favorites already.

Thanks, Ya'll for chiming in!

gina said...

Oooh. Love it. Possibly my favorite flower, but definitely my favorite color. Sorry, Laurel. Guess I'd have done the same your folks did.


Suzanne said...

Gina wrote:
'Possibly my favorite flower, but definitely my favorite color.'

Me too! (smile) Thanks!

RL said...

Violet was my number one choice for a girl's name; Then I discovered I was having a boy. For whatever that's worth.

Lyvvie said...

Ainsley is a boy's name.
Violet is okay, but makes me think of the nose-picker in Charlie and the Cocolate Factory. there's lots of flora names you could go with though; Lily, Rose, Poppy, Fern, etc.

Emily is great's my daughter's name.

Unknown said...

call her "no-name" until she's 16 and then let her chose her own name!
like your blog!


Kelli Russell Agodon - Book of Kells said...


I think at some point most people hate their name. I was one of three Kelli/Kelly/Kellie in my class and had to be wear the dreaded R. after my name (Kelli R.) We haven't even discussed the KreaTiVe spelling of Kelli. Though when asked, my parents were sure that "Kelli" was the feminine spelling of the name, since my god-brother was "Kelly." (I've seriously considered changing it to a Y, but after having my name changed from marriage, I've realized it's just too much paperwork.)

Anyhoo...I know one Emily my daughter's age and no Ainsley's (but like Ainsley.) My twelve year old cat is named Emily so apparently, I was at the front of that trend. I like both names as well as Emma & Ella.

The most common names in our area is Zoe. There are everywhere (this was my greyhound's name too.) The next common, I'd say Hannah or Maya.

I like Violet, but I like most names except Britney or Ashley, though both tainted by popstars and have nothing to do with the sound of the name.

Oh and to Laurel, your name has been a favorite of mine since I can remember. It was on the list for our daughter's name. I think it's lovely.

Here are my favorite names for girls: Simone, Barrett or Berit, Tatum or Taite and Quinn.

My husband disagrees with me on most of them which is why my daughter is something else completely!

Good luck to you. Name her what is your heart. I always believe each child comes with a specific name and you just listen for it. I also believe whatever you name her will be right.

All the best

Alison Pelegrin said...


I like Violet, and I like Vi as a nickname--sweet, but not too sweet. I think it's hard to think of names for a girl--so many are trendy. I have two sons, each with a plain and popular name--Ben and Sam. But I've nevr met other little boys with their names.

I'm like Kelli--I think kids get the right names. You see the baby, and then you know.

By the way, I enjoy reading our blog.

Alison P.

(One of seven Alisons in her class in high school)

A. D. said...

Sorry to chime in late, but Violet makes me think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well. . . "You're turning violet Violet!"

"Vy" or "Vi" as a nickname is very cool though.

I've only known a male Ainsley, but I've known a female Ansley. Both are very cool names in my book.

Good luck. I'm sending "it's a girl" vibes your way.

Suzanne said...

Reb, I knew you had great taste. Actually it does help to know.

Oooh I like Ella and Lola too. I like a lot of names, but that whole run up by your husband alway throws a wrench in everything. I'm with you on Britney and Ashley.

Hi Alison,
Thanks for stopping by and for the excellent points. I've linked you up. :-)

That was my first thought too. Violet Beuregard (sp?) then of course I started singing all the oompa loompa songs, and Veruca Salt's solo song and well now I'm going have to dig the video out. ( Thanks for the "It's a girl vibes!"

Thanks again everyone!