Sunday, March 06, 2005

Liar, Liar?

Yesterday we went to see what could very well be the house, although right now we're not quite sure if it's still available. The realtor who showed it to us lied several times--he told us it was on the market for only four days, that it was built in the '50's and the couple that lived there had children that were young adults. He also told us that there were seven offers on the house and tried to convince us that skipping a home inspection might put any offer we made at the top. The thing is, the house has been on the market at least a month, (since we started looking, anyway) it was built in 1942, and I'm sorry, but I saw the children's rooms and they were definitely small/young children rooms (not that it matters, it's just that he went out of his way to lie about it.) Then we came home to a message from him saying the house was listed as on deposit/still show. Wouldn't he have known that before we went to see the place? Really strange. We're not going to give up because it does look like it could be the house for us and we've contacted a realtor who was recommended to us to get the scoop. Keep your fingers crossed! I guess worse case scenario is that we stay in this house, squeezed and on top of each other, but it would be so nice to have more space.


The one obvious flaw of this house was in the basement, everything in the basement was raised on wooden slats. Apparently, the basement isn't all that dry. Perhaps, this is why we should skip the home inspection and get our bid right to the top. Hmmm.


The idea of moving and spring coming so soon has me in the mood to do a massive spring cleaning and get rid of all the useless stuff that seems to accumulate--I have serious issues with paper--also to get rid of all the stuff that we might use 'someday'. So something good will come out of March and once I have all my preoccupations out of the way I'll be able to sit down and write some new poems.


Recent Reading

The Belles of New England--a fascinating account of the women who worked in the textile mills of New England.

And picked up again: Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?, by Joyce Carol Oats--one of my favorite short story writers.

Best Words, Best Order, by Stephen Dobyns.


I mentioned to
T that after hearing from the last batch of subs 'still out' I'm going to take a break from the sub train, but I realized with one sub out for 40 some odd weeks that by the time I actually hear back from all the subs I could very well be ready to get back on board.

The good news is that once, Spring Tide, is released in May, almost all the poems in the full-length MS will be published. Most of Spring Tide had already been picked up, but it seems to take the edge off the whole waiting game for the few poems that are still 'out there.'

PS I'm throwing caution to the wind and not spell checking for typos. Live dangerously, that's my motto.


early hours of sky said...

I like the house but it sounds like the realtor had some serious issues. Are you feeling tired at all? That is a lot of work to do with two boys at the hip, of course you have those two other kids coming in the mail. I find it so odd he lied about the grown children, like a 30 year old would sleep in a pretty pony room. Does it make it more appealing to have a teenager hiding beer under the bed? Anyway good luck with the house, and I like the one above—good garden possibilities.
Oh and I am reading best order also.

Wendy Wisner said...

Good luck with the house, hon. Don't let the dopey realtor rush you into anything! I know you won't, though.

Suzanne said...

I've been really tired, but I'm going into the 2nd trimester so I should feel better soon. Actually, I only have one at the hip. My oldest is going to be 14 this month and Jack's going to be 2 this month. The older one mostly needs me to pick him and drop him off everywhere. *lol*

Wendy, thanks!

early hours of sky said...

I think I might be allergic to sperm so I was ill and tired the whole time. The words pretty pregnant woman was never utter doing my nine month visit. Anyway make the 14yr old do dishes for gas and take it easy. God, I sound like a mother all the time even on blogs.

Suzanne said...

I know, me too. It's awful isn't it? :-)

Suzanne said...

Oh! And thanks, T. I'm sure my T. will have a lot of er, thanks for your suggestion, too. *lmao*