Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Poetry Anyone?

I really don't blog much about poetry, do I? Hmmm.
It's pregnancy brain. I can barely talk let alone write a meaningful or even complete sentence these days. For those who haven't experienced this phenomenon I can assure you it's a very real and disconcerting aspect of creating a child. It makes a bit of sense as if nature knows that ignorance is bliss. So. I think I may reserve my blog posts for actual poetry news. I mean, do I really want a record of my inane posting while pregnant? Would that actually help me to avoid postpartum depression? I think not. Besides, I should save what little brain power I have left for new poems. Now, fair warning, actual poetry news is spaced rather far apart in this poet's house. Forgive me for the little that will go on here at litwindowpane. At least I can still read. I'll just read what everyone who still has brain cells is blogging about.


C. Dale said...

Where are all of your posts?! Where are they!!!? What the hell is going on here? Is blogger messing up? Pregnant or not, where are the rest of your posts? I rely on some of them.

C. Dale said...

Sorry. I found them in your archives. Jeez, I freak out easily, don't I?

Suzanne said...


C. Dale,

Somehow, you freaking out is utterly charming.


Ivy said...

Suzanne, I give you the stick!

[Check my blog and you'll see what I mean.]