Wednesday, April 20, 2005

And the Winner

is the fabulous, the gorgeous, the brilliant Ivy Alvarez! Ivy, send me your snail mail again so I can mail off your prize. Plus, T, I owe you a quarter.

Much thanks to all who played, What Flavor is the Baby?

Making Poetry Submissions, an article at Salt Hill

Pardon me while I complete the bonding I've started with my daughter--so far we've gone to the salon and did total girly things like cutting 7 inches of hair and getting my nails done--we are now off to price the going rates on things like tutus and tiaras. I don't care what anyone thinks about gender roles -- I've had my fill of dump trucks and dinosaurs.


Hannah Craig said...

Ah, you were right! Yahoo. Girls rule.

*mumble mumble*

Ok. So boys are alright, too.

Ivy said...

Woohoo! I win!

*happy dance*

And I like the compliments, too, sweetie. ;-)

Happy baby!

Alison Pelegrin said...

Oh, a little girl--I'm so happy for you!


Wendy Wisner said...

Yipee! She'll be just like Danny's little sister: two big brothers. What a blast!

early hours of sky said...

Okay I yelled so loud I almost woke up the children and I would NOT have given away my book so freely if I knew you receive compliments too;) Oh I am so very happy, it makes me almost want to go get knocked up, almost. Yeah!!!!!