Friday, July 08, 2005



I finished the exercise and am now completely overwhelmed by the 10 pages of stream of unconsciousness--certainly there are nuggets to mine, but there is also some very bizzarro stuff too. More surprisingly there is an undercurrent of theme. I'll have to take it slowly or risk losing my last three brain cells, but the Not-So-Automatic-Writing has turned up some goods.

My sugar test came back slightly elevated and now I have to take the thoroughly disgusting three hour sugar test. I have to fast before I take it--each night I go to bed thinking 'fast' and each morning I get up ravenous. Halfway through breakfast I remember the stupid can't -possibly-be-good-for-the- baby-disgusting-sugar test. Monday. I'll fast on Monday.

Miss you! xo


gina said...

Gorgeous. And yes, I do miss you.


early hours of sky said...

Yes I had to do this, it is horrid. Drink things that are good for the baby, nettle tea, raseberry leaf all those things will also help your sugar. Take care sweetie.

Alison Pelegrin said...

Yuck! I had to do that both times. I think the lemon'lime drink is least offensive.

Good luck with it!

marybid said...

Look at that room! Wow!

Many sugar-regulating vibes coming your way, Suzanne. I'm not sure what is worse: the fasting, or having to drink that nasty glucose concoction. Ick! I hope everything is just fine, and I'll be thinking of you and the wee one. :)

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Ladies! xo

Patty said...

Now that's a room of one's own!

Sending sugar-test chi your way.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Patti, I have decided never ever to drink glucose again (I have had the worst sort of headache since testing this morning) so I hope all these vibes work.

This weekend all the rooms get wiring, outlets, switches, recessed lighting, ceiling fans! Whoohoo! And after that--walls. :-)